Tournament Mode & Private League Customization

Popular Features to Customize in your Private leagues

Team Lock time
  • Choose player lock time to 0 to 60 mins
  • Select 2nd inning captian until 1 hour after match starts (NEW)
No. Of Trades
  • Choose No. of trades
  • Free trades
  • Reset no. of trades in playoffs
Scoring rules
  • Strike rate and Economy bonus
  • Double the points for chose no. of matches
  • Points for dot balls bowled(NEW)
Enable Knockout Format
  • Choose Semis & Final format in WC
  • Play IPL playoffs format in IPL
  • NFL style playoffs
Custom Leaderboards(New)
  • Orange Cap & Purple Cap Leaderboard
  • Group Leaderboards
  • Phase wise Leaderboards
  • Top players Leaderboards
League Manager Tools(New)
  • Assign fantasy points
  • Assign extra trades
  • Team Changes for league members

Special Features for Pro and Ultimate Users

Player's Salary, Role and Budget
  • Set player's salary and role
  • Set total budget to create team
  • Choose unlimited budget
Custom tournament
  • Choose which matches to include
  • Choose different settings of tournament
  • Example: Exclude India matches
Get your Brandings
  • Get text or image branding in your league
  • Custom colour schemes and designs
Team combination
  • Choose no. of Bat, Bowl, AR, WK
  • Keep or remove Min/Max criteria
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